What is career coaching?

Career coaching is the practice of helping individuals identify areas for growth in their professional lives and implement strategies that can allow them to foster success. My approach is to assist and support my clients—depending on their particular needs—so they can further their careers and professional growth.

Career development coaching can help professionals find pathways for advancement and improve their performance in their current position. This type of coaching commonly assists you with tasks like exploring new career options, applying for different positions, boosting their productivity or earning a promotion. With this guidance, professionals can typically achieve the type of career growth they desire. It is often in this capacity where I work with companies as an external coach to work with their staff members to provide 1-1 coaching services.

Here are a few of the common types of career development coaching and why leaders work with me.

Leadership coaching

Professionals who have recently received a promotion or want to maximize their leadership abilities may benefit from this type of coaching. My leadership coaching services can help professionals build self-confidence and identify strategies for overseeing teams effectively. This process may allow novice or diffident leaders to support their teams better and drive forth the vision and goals of the company.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching helps senior-level professionals grow in their abilities and improve their strategy. Newly appointed executives commonly pursue this type of coaching to optimize their approach in their work and establish a healthy work-life balance as they take on their new roles. From here, executives can maximize their productivity and make a more significant impact as organizational leaders.

Succession coaching

Succession coaching helps your organization implement structural changes effectively. This type of coaching may help new leaders, their team members and other internal stakeholders alike to develop and implement plans that help facilitate transitions smoothly. Therefore, succession coaching can help organizations avoid disruptions in their workflow and maintain a certain level of output.

Team coaching

Team coaching can help groups of professionals maximize their collaborative efforts and build trustful relationships with one another. To do this, I work with teams may offer conflict-resolution training and help establish standardized pathways for giving or receiving feedback. These services may lead teams to create an environment that encourages cooperation, in which they can work together more efficiently.

Success coaching

This type of coaching can help individuals who feel stuck in their personal or professional lives achieve the growth they need to succeed. For example, those who struggle with their work-life balance or professional satisfaction may seek success coaching. In this type of coaching, I may implement a variety of personal development tactics to help motivate their clients and inspire them to overcome the obstacles impeding their progress.

Career discovery coaching

Career discovery coaching can help individuals find a profession that suits their interests and needs. In this type of coaching, I help my clients define their background, skill set, strengths, motivations and goals. This is often the type of coaching I used for those in career transition or retiring or separating military service members.

If you’d like to discuss any of these types of coaching for your careers, schedule a call with me today to explore coaching.