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How Coaching can raise your awareness.

Responding to awareness is usually dependent on your maturity as a leader. From a biblical perspective, I believe God always wants to connect with us and wants to lead us to be a better example of him, so we can be a better example to others. But ultimately, I believe he wants us to living […]

5 Steps to making a BIG decision

How do you make a BIG Decision? Have you ever thought about what your saying “yes” to really means and what it could keep you from achieving? I made a BIG decision last week that could have been one of those turning points in my life…I said no to a “dream job” or what appeared […]

What is Professional Coaching?

In order to effectively apply coaching to transformation, it would be helpful to understand what coaching is and how valuable a coach can be for your growth and success. What is Coaching? When I think of coaching, I think of it as a conversation that helps people think things through, it helps you think bigger […]

Asking yourself WHY.

Great sermon in Church today by my friend John Allen. He spoke on a topic I love…transformational life coaching and learning to ask the why behind the what. Do you ever take the time to ask yourself why? Why do I follow this? Why am I challenged by this? Why am I doing this? These […]