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Shifting from good intentions to intentional thinking

What makes you take ownership of something significant? What makes you do it now versus waiting for later?

Napoleon Hill once said,

You must get involved to have an impact. No one is impressed with the won-lost record of a referee”.

When you’re the man in the middle, you go back and forth between offense and defense.

I’m currently reading John Maxwell’s Intentional Living book he released last year. He states, “Intentional living motivates us to take immediate action in areas of significance”.   Being intentional is a state of mind. Anyone can have good ideas or intentions, but having a good idea doesn’t go anywhere. Good intentions don’t make a difference or do anything other than a good idea. The difference is taking action versus just talking or thinking about it. We have enough thinkers and talkers… I’ve found myself here many times between this state of having a good idea versus being intentional. It inspired and excited me, but I would give into fear, procrastination, and doubt myself. And it’s easy to stay in between these two positions. When I think back of the times I was intentional, I took action and once I did, it created momentum and propelled me into being apart of something bigger than I had originally thought.

John C. Maxwell says, “Intentional living is all about knowing what you want. Often that desire will be elusive or even seemingly impossible to achieve. However, when we feel that way, necessity disguised as creativity can kick in. When it does, intentional living turns the doubt-filled question “Can I?” into the invigorating, possibility-inducing “How can I?”

When you know what you want and can’t find what you need, you must create what you need, so you can get what you want!”

It’s in this place where you start taking one step at a time, that you begin to experience intentional living. It’s those initial steps that are always the hardest to take, but once you do, you see the good idea come to life and how it needs you to give life to it. This is where living the life of significance begins. It’s in those first few steps where you begin to overcome the fear, doubt and false beliefs and you begin to gain the confidence and realize you can do this.

When I find myself in that place between where I am and where I want to be, I meet with my coach who helps removes those false beliefs I’ve allowed myself to believe. He pulls out the truth and passion behind the original idea. It’s here; I begin to fuel the passion and motivation to take the intentional action I need.

Taking action looks different for all of us. For me, writing this article was the one step of being intentional I needed to take today and I’m thankful for my coach holding me accountable to writing it this week. What about you? What would your life look like if you became more intentional today?

Are you wanting to become more intentional in your daily life? Try a free 7-day experiment where you’ll learn how to intentional.


Imagine how your life would change if you were more intentional in every area of your life.intentional

Last week I went through a 7-Day experiment based off John C. Maxwell’s new book Intentional Living.

This 7-day experiment really does have the potential to change your life. Each day, John released a short video encouraging me and getting me focused in an area of where I could be intentional for that day. With each day, I was much more present and wanted to really make a difference or add value to someone or something. With each day as I stretched myself or looked to add values to others, my mind began to change as I saw the incredible value this was having on me and those around me.

I’ll be sharing some of my own stories from this experiment. I’ll be releasing the opportunity for you to be apart of this and experience this experiment as well. Keep your eyes out.

The Law of Intentionality and Awareness

I just started a virtual mastermind group with a very ambitious group. When you have a group of hungry and intentional people who want to grow and invest in themselves, it really makes my job a lot of fun. This is a summary of tonight’s call as we discussed the laws of intentionality and awareness.

The Law of intentionality teaches that growth doesn’t just happen. Growth requires taking an intentional step by taking action. It will be the best one you’ve ever taken.

There are countless questions leaders can ask themselves to gauge their growth. For example: How can I improve? How can I gain wisdom? How can I improve relationships with those around me?

Each of these questions offers great insight into progress and growth. However, in order to move forward, leaders must apply the insight and be intentional in bridging the gap between plans to grow and actually growing.

“If you have dreams, goals, or aspirations, you need to grow to achieve them. But if you’re like I was – and if you are like most people – you have one or more mistaken beliefs that create a gap that keeps you from growing and reaching your potential” (Maxwell, pg. 2)

Each of us has the opportunity to bridge that gap and bring our current realities closer to our vision. But we must make that a goal and follow through. Join me as I dissect a few traps we often get stuck in that can hinder our personal growth:

The Assumption Gap

I assume that I will grow automatically” – No one improves by accident – (Maxwell, pg. 3)

Personal growth does not come naturally to us. Leaders must take ownership of their own growth, and take individual steps to figure out a plan for growth. Bruce Springsteen said “A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being the man you want to be”.

The Knowledge Gap – “I don’t know how to grow”.

“I was hoping that someone had figured [a growth process] out, and I could simply learn from him. Not one person said yes. Nobody in my world had a plan for growing and improving. I didn’t know how to grow and neither did they.” (Maxwell, pg 4)

Decide where you need to grow and intentionally plan how you are going to learn lessons to get there. Being disciplined in your growth process is imperative to help you not get stuck in the lie of “I don’t know how to grow.”

The Mistake Gap – “I’m afraid of making mistakes”.

“Growing can be a messy business. It means admitting you don’t have the answers. It requires making mistakes. It can make you look foolish. Most people don’t enjoy that. But that is the price of admission if you want to improve.” (Maxwell pg. 6)

Getting over the fear of making mistakes is hard. However, all leaders must overcome that fear if they want to grow. Expect to make mistakes every day. With each mistake, we learn and fail forward. Welcome mistakes as a sign that you are moving in the right direction.

The Inspiration Gap

“When Curt suggested I needed to be intentional about growing, I had thousands of reasons not to do it. I didn’t have the time, the money, the experience, and so on. I had only one reason to do it. I believed I should do it because I hoped it would make a difference.” (Maxwell, pg. 7)

Intentionality with growth does make a difference. A little bit of growth each day lends to a lot of growth after 12 months. At the end of the year, you will be able to look back and see how far you’ve come.

The Law of Awareness teaches that you must KNOW yourself to GROW yourself. You have to know who you are to grow to your potential. To reach your full potential, you MUST know where you are, and where you want to be. But you have to grow in order to know who you are. This is where we need to be really honest with ourselves. Do you know the direction you’re going in? Growing into your potential is a process, but as well as knowing yourself, you must take intentional steps in order to initiate that growth process.

Overall, growth can be hard but there are others out there just like wanting to grow and have these discussions. Joining a mastermind group can allow you a safe and fun environment as you explore and learn how to grow. Valuing personal growth is a crucial part of being a successful and influential leader. Take the steps to grow today and see your leadership transform over time.
Growth begins with a small step in the right direction. If you’re ready to be intentional with your growth and would like to join in on our discussions, I encourage you to join my next mastermind group by here. Make sure you sign up and join my mailing list to stay informed of my start dates.