Shifting from good intentions to intentional thinking

What makes you take ownership of something significant? What makes you do it now versus waiting for later?

Napoleon Hill once said,

You must get involved to have an impact. No one is impressed with the won-lost record of a referee”.

When you’re the man in the middle, you go back and forth between offense and defense.

I’m currently reading John Maxwell’s Intentional Living book he released last year. He states, “Intentional living motivates us to take immediate action in areas of significance”.   Being intentional is a state of mind. Anyone can have good ideas or intentions, but having a good idea doesn’t go anywhere. Good intentions don’t make a difference or do anything other than a good idea. The difference is taking action versus just talking or thinking about it. We have enough thinkers and talkers… I’ve found myself here many times between this state of having a good idea versus being intentional. It inspired and excited me, but I would give into fear, procrastination, and doubt myself. And it’s easy to stay in between these two positions. When I think back of the times I was intentional, I took action and once I did, it created momentum and propelled me into being apart of something bigger than I had originally thought.

John C. Maxwell says, “Intentional living is all about knowing what you want. Often that desire will be elusive or even seemingly impossible to achieve. However, when we feel that way, necessity disguised as creativity can kick in. When it does, intentional living turns the doubt-filled question “Can I?” into the invigorating, possibility-inducing “How can I?”

When you know what you want and can’t find what you need, you must create what you need, so you can get what you want!”

It’s in this place where you start taking one step at a time, that you begin to experience intentional living. It’s those initial steps that are always the hardest to take, but once you do, you see the good idea come to life and how it needs you to give life to it. This is where living the life of significance begins. It’s in those first few steps where you begin to overcome the fear, doubt and false beliefs and you begin to gain the confidence and realize you can do this.

When I find myself in that place between where I am and where I want to be, I meet with my coach who helps removes those false beliefs I’ve allowed myself to believe. He pulls out the truth and passion behind the original idea. It’s here; I begin to fuel the passion and motivation to take the intentional action I need.

Taking action looks different for all of us. For me, writing this article was the one step of being intentional I needed to take today and I’m thankful for my coach holding me accountable to writing it this week. What about you? What would your life look like if you became more intentional today?

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