Long day but a beautiful day

Today marked a day of accomplishment, an end of a very long journey.  An ending of a dream I knew I would accomplish one day.

It’s funny how dreams work, not knowing when they’re going to come to fruition. But when you give it over to God,  something changes, the equation changes…for the better.  He guides you a long the way ensuring you learn the lessons you’re supposed to learn in order to grow and become the person He created you to be – Remember, God gave you that dream in the first place. That way when the day does come to pass, you’re ready to fulfill that dream. Dreams take time to grow into, and if they aren’t big enough to grow into, you’re not thinking big enough. Otherwise it would be just your dream, God wants to be apart of your life. Regardless if it your dream, a relationship, a plan, your hurt, your happiness, your wins and your losses,  Jesus wants you to surrender that and allow him to be at the center of it. 

It’s easy to give into yourself – your feelings, emotions, wants,  your flesh, but that never leads you anywhere worthwhile. So many times, I’ve learned that lesson, but when I’ve given it over to the Lord, their is a shift. It’s not always easy, but is patience ever easy?  Sometimes, I believe God allows you to see a glimpse of what he has planned for you in an effort to see how you go after Him and as you do, that picture becomes clearer and clearer because you’re learning how to live in it.  Sometimes, you just have to get down on your knees and say God, this is bigger than me and I can’t handle this right now or I’m not ready but I need you to lead me through it because the picture you have given me looks pretty exciting so far and I want in.

Not sure who this is for or if it is a just lesson I learned today and wanted to share, but if its for you, Surrender your dreams, your plans and desires to God and he will make it so much better than what you could ever imagine. Psalms 37:4

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